Welcome to our farm!

Well, the home search is finally over. Our old house is sold to a new family with three little boys, and we closed on our new home eight days ago. The move was completed six days ago, and unpacking has begun in earnest. So, without further ado…

Welcome to our farm!!!

We bought a 4.54 acre property with a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom 1589 square foot house in the farmland region of Puget Sound. It sits in the shadow of Mt. Rainier. It’s 60 miles and two counties away from where we used to live, and it’s beautiful here. Serene and peaceful. The property is fully-fenced in, the house sits back off the road behind a huge row of mature rhododendron bushes that allow for complete privacy, and the back acreage is separated from the front as there obviously used to be livestock here. Surrounding us are farms and livestock of all kinds – cows, horses, roosters, and even alpacas! And it has super-fast broadband, to boot! Although the cell signal is crap here.

Our property comes with a 20 foot greenhouse housing eight raised beds and a fenced in blueberry crop of approximately 12 plants that, according to the former owners (who sold this place because they were moving to Texas), produced the best blueberries they ever had. We also have a large storage building that’s big enough to hold a lawn tractor, and a cute little well house that holds multiple filtration systems resulting in some really good well water.

The house is gorgeous… it feels about 10,000 steps up from our former house. All KitchenAid appliances, beautiful wood floors, whole-house surround sound system, whole-house vacuum system, and really nice upgrades throughout that make it feel like an “adult” home, as my husband calls it.

Here’s a little photo tour of the exterior. More photos to come, of course. I won’t be doing much gardening this year, but I’ll be planning this fall for a massive garden expansion, greenhouse repair (it needs a new door panel), and the many seeds I’ll be sewing next spring. But, God-willing, we WILL be harvesting blueberries later this year!

The front of our home
The back, including the wonderful covered porch
Inside the greenhouse
The blueberry garden
Looking toward the back acreage and including the old treehouse.
The fence line to the back acreage – and clues that it used to house livestock of some kind.
Jaxx munching on prairie grass.

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