Coming clean

On this final day of 2021 (while mourning the loss of Betty White), I’m posting for the first time in months. Why? This is my post to finally “come clean.”

You see, we celebrated our first Christmas in six years just a few days ago. 

Our first Christmas tree in six years!

But wait, you may say, aren’t you Jewish? Well, dear reader, I was, but I am no longer. At the end of November, I returned to full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.

I’m going to post about my journey back to Christianity because, let’s be honest, the majority of this 11-year blog has been about my spiritual journey. It involves a lot of truths I had to accept, lies I told myself, and true convictions of the heart I went through to get where I am today. That post, though, is for another day.

Today, on this New Year’s Eve, I’m going to eat some lunch, go watch Rose talk about St. Olaf on several episodes of The Golden Girls, and quietly mourn the loss of Betty while simultaneously not mourning the end of 2021. 

Happy New Year to all!

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