Starting 2015 off with a giveaway!

I was planning one of those introspective posts that are so popular at the start of a new year, but I have the rest of my life to subject myself to analysis.  Instead, I’m giving away two vintage aprons!  Here they are:

Front of apronsI have had these for a few years and I’ve never used them, mainly because they were sewn for tiny women, aka not me.  I love them, though, because they remind me of the farmwives of yesteryear.  These are not new aprons.  They are frayed and worn in places which, to me, only speaks of their character.  These aprons played a part in family dinners, holidays, and spreading warmth through the love of good food.

Backs of Aprons

Detail views

Anyway, if you’d like to own these two, please leave a comment and I’ll draw for a winner in a week or so!  All I’ll need from the winner is an address and they’ll be on the way to someone who will hopefully get more use out of than I did, even if they’re just used for display. Also, if you have a blog of your own, please leave the link in your comment.  I’m looking for new blogs to follow and enjoy and would love to share yours with others!

Warning: these babies are wrinkled.  Of my list of things I don’t do, ironing sits right near the top (below snake handling, but above listening to Taylor Swift.)

12 thoughts on “Starting 2015 off with a giveaway!

  1. This is hilarious! I don’t think there has ever been an apron-giveaway on WordPress! Unfortunately I don’t wear aprons and have given mine away as well…because I only cook in the microwave. Here’s to 2015! I did not do well with blogging in 2014 due to having to find another place to live so of course my New Year’s Resolution is to concentrate more and get with the program! My blog, Wedgwood in Seattle History, is about northeast Seattle neighborhoods and the events and circumstances which have impacted development, such as lack of transit which made Wedgwood a car neighborhood right from early days.

  2. I love aprons! And would definitely love to win one. They remind me so much of my grandmother; I can’t remember ever seeing her without one on.

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