That’s it, I’m DONE!

Every winter, we Hoosiers get a little weary.  Usually by the end of February or beginning of March, we’ve had just about all the snowstorms and bone-chilling cold air that we can handle.  We step outside and strain our ears in the hopes of hearing the chirp of a bird.  One single little warble from one of those small birds that aren’t hearty enough to stay around for the winter gives us hope of the season to come.  As we move about our day, our coats, scarves, and gloves protecting us from the biting wind, we study the  plants in the hopes of seeing even one small bud.  Just one tiny hint of green bolsters our spirits that, yes, we will survive this winter.

Well, it sure ain’t March yet, but I’m there.  I’m done.  You win, Indiana winter. I’m waiving my white flag of surrender.  I snapped this morning, when I left work and had to trudge through the huge parking lot to my car, all while my body was being slammed with snow flakes that felt like sharp little diamonds.  And once the car was finally warm, I had to drive home on horrible roads, as is evidenced below…

20140121_041731For the last month, there’s been nothing but snow and miserable temperatures and cutting winds. It affects me more strongly than some, I know, because my workday starts in the evening and ends in the early morning hours.  I never encounter the high temperature of any given day because usually, I’m in bed when it happens.

It’s just… I’m… I feel…

I’m just so tired of winter.  I hate it.  Tim, too.  He’s already announced that this will be our last winter in Indiana.  As of right now, I have to agree. I feel like I’m going to snap long before Jack Frost’s icy fingers finally lose their grip. There aren’t enough coats and layers of fleece in the world to make me feel like I can survive this!

On another happier, warmer, more wonderful note, our new bed plan is in place.  We bought a second queen bed on Sunday and assembled everything.  It takes up an entire wall of our bedroom, what with two queen beds pressed together, but the last two nights of sleep have been beautiful!  I’m sleeping so much better, as is Tim, and neither of us are complaining of the aches and pains that plagued us.

CollageImageNo, it’s not a gorgeous, photogenic bedroom right now, but the end result has been beautiful. We’re going to get matching comforters and pillowcases to allow some continuity until we can get a permanent base and even a huge headboard. 

Roxie has plenty of room to spread out, as do we, and we’re sleeping in the way we each like – me sprawled at an awkward angle and Tim all wrapped up in the blankets.  I don’t care if it’s not the “normal” thing to do, it was certainly the right thing!

8 thoughts on “That’s it, I’m DONE!

  1. Ah, winter in the Midwest. One never knows from year to year what to expect. I actually smile about the snow and frigid temperatures. I think of all the little insects that aren’t able to survive and how I won’t be fighting to keep them out of my garden. Of course it’s easy to sit in my nice warm house looking outside. I will likely feel very different when I’m on my farm trying to feed the animals and milk my goats in this weather 🙂

    Hope your are able to move to better climate before next winter.

    • LOL yes, being out in the elements changes our feelings for them. This fall, I was all, “Oh, I can’t wait for the first snow. I love snow! Snow is beautiful!” Fast forward three months and there I am, nearly shaking with rage when the TV weather guy lets us know that another storm is on the way.

      I want a little farm of my own, but I’m going to find some place a little warmer. I would also like for there not to be snakes, but….

  2. I chuckled reading your post. I live in Indiana (Hanover) and we made national news yesterday for our blizzard like conditions. We have snow drifts up the doors and our poor dog could barely muddle through the snow this morning to do her business in 0 temps. She was limping as she came back in with snow and ice between her little paws that we had to warm up as she entered. That being said, I have spend the last 20 years in a big city in the South; is the weather better? Sure! BUT would I go back? No way! I love the midwest, it’s people and yes the four seasons that I grew I with up here. Keep warm, make some soup and buy yourself some flowers next time you are at the store. Maybe even a warm bubble bath– that lifts my spirits. Hang in there! 🙂

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