Dear Canada,

I just discovered Bomb Girls.

Thank you!


An American born four decades too late

4 thoughts on “Dear Canada,

    • Well, I watched all six episodes here (you have to get lucky that the uploaded file you choose is the right one) but then last night, I found all six full episodes here on the network’s website! It’s so wonderful! I highly recommend you check it out if you can!!!!

    • It isn’t letting me view it on the second option…do I have to sign up somewhere? I will try the other option. Otherwise it looks like hulu plus has it but I don’t want to subscribe to another pay for movie service:-(

    • Crap, I see that now. I didn’t realize last night that it wouldn’t let you watch it if you weren’t in Canada. The first link does work, it just takes some getting used to and it’s free. That’s how I watch a lot of shows that I can’t normally see!

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